• Sameer attended classroom coaching in the first year. Unfortunately, he failed securing just 22% marks.
  • Pity, he could have avoided the repeater tag if he could see his exam preparedness before his exams.
  • At GOLS, hundreds of students have benefited from KnowYourExamPreparednessTM and avoided repeater tag....


What is Preparedness Level?

First time in the world GOLS has introduced a very innovative offering for student's community - "KnowYourExamPreparedness"

  • This is a tool which informs you well in advance what is your exam preparedness percentage (For e.g. 65% preparedness means your preparedness level for the exam is 65% or you can score 65 marks if you give the exam today)
  • The tool has been developed with years of R&D involving, reputed teachers, students and technologists.
  • Increases chances of being successful in the exams. Several hundred students have already benefitted with this tool. You can too benefit from it.
  • Underprepared students can recover studies before it become too late.

Your Subject Preparedness: This shows your overall preparedness for the subject. This depends on completion of video/ audio lectures in every chapter, scores in the chapter, tests/ assessment (if any) and score given by teachers in assignments in each chapter (if any).

Chapter Preparedness: This shows your overall preparedness for this chapter. This depends on completion of video/ audio lectures in this chapters, scores in this chapter tests/ assessment (if any) and scores given by teachers in assignment in this chapter (if any).

Chapter Completion Status: This will progress as you complete this chapter video/ audio lectures, attempt tests/ assessments in this chapter (if any) and submit assignments in this chapter (if any).

How Sameer's preparedness increased?
Based on Sameer's last year's performance, GOLS faculties helped him to clear all the concepts and doubts, and provided personalized feedback on each assignment.
This helped Sameer complete syllabus clearing all his doubts. He also revised syllabus multiple times.
Regular evaluation helped him increase his exam preparedness from previous 22% to 64%. He can take exam with confidence. There is high probability of his passing exams.

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Mock Tests

Mock Tests are conducted before exams and personalised feedback given on improvement areas to help you do better in exams.

How Sameer scored good marks in Mock Tests?

After clearing all his doubts, Sameer attempted regular assignments, got personalized feedback on improvement areas. This helped Sameer enormously and score good marks in mock tests.

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GOLS conducts assignments after every 2 -3 chapters and our expert faculties gives personalised feedback on improvement areas. Sameer practiced all the assignments and the faculties guided him on how to write the answers to score good marks.

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What is LVC and LDC?

LVC: Live Virtual Classroom (LVC) sessions where teachers interact with students LIVE to deal with difficult topics, case studies. A student can also raise doubts and ask questions on the topics of LVC.
Archived LVCs also available in case if a student is unable to attend any LVC, (s)he can still access to the important discussions happened there and also access all previous LVCs.

LDC: Live Doubt Clearance (LDC) sessions where teachers interact with students LIVE to solve doubts on any topic. The beauty of LDC is, a student's anonymity is maintained. Therefore, any student can raise any doubt or question without slightest hesitation or fear of being ridiculed by peers.

How Sameer did cleared all his doubts?
As Sameer already attended Video based Training, he listed down his doubts and asked the faculties during the LDCs. The faculties immediately explained the concepts in detail and solved Sameer's doubts. Sameer still had some more doubts which he posted on Discussion Forums. His doubts were cleared by GOLS expert faculties quickly. Beauty is, other students also cleared their doubts posted by Sameer by referring to Discussion Forum. In fact, over a period of time, there was huge repository of doubts clearing on Discussion Forum (posted by past or present students), thus benefiting all students, immensely.

Have you attended doubt clearing sessions?

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  • At GOLS we provide specially recorded Video Based Training- VBTTM (Not just video recording of classroom lecture) using latest technology with excellent voice, picture and text clarity with computer typed scripts, and available 24X7.
  • The lectures are organized chapter wise with topic wise breakups for ease of learning covering ALL subjects.
  • The VBT is an excellent source of completing syllabus which students can refer anytime, anywhere and as timesTM.
  • VBT also provides guidance in different topics with respect to its importance in examination.
    Hundreds Of Examples to learn from, by way of step-by- step learning and simulations to understand practical subjects like Maths, Statistics, Accountancy, Costing and Taxation. Numerous case studies and scenario based learning in all subjects of Laws for conceptual understanding.
  • VBT is delivered by Expert faculties with industry Experience many of whom are Gold medalists, Ph.Ds, Post Graduates apart from CA/ CS. These faculties also provide practical application of concepts taught in the course

Unlike in the classroom coaching, wherein routine syllabus completion takes entire time of faculties, thus leaving little time to provide personalised feedback and other value addition. At GOLS, syllabus completion is fully taken care by VBT in a convenient and efficient way. This leaves our faculty's ample time to act as guide and provide a lot of value addition to students such as:

 Preparing Customised Study Plan from the time the student starts to study keeping in mind the time remaining for the exams

 Giving Tips on proper time management and scheduling

 Conducting LVC (Live Virtual Classroom) for difficult topics

 Organising and conducting LDC (Live Doubt Clearing) sessions for solving doubts

 Providing feedback on Assignments, conducted at regular intervals

 Answering student doubts and queries on Discussion Forums within a defined timeframe

 Giving personalised feedback on answer papers of Mock Exams

 Taking Live Sessions on how to write model answers of Mock Exams

 Pre-exam counseling(to solve exam related anxieties)

 Post Results counseling (for both successful and unsuccessful students)

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