Dear Students,

We know, you aspire to become A Qualified Chartered Accountant and join a good company or start your own CA practice but before that you have to clear certain hurdles like

  • Expensive classroom coaching fees. But what if you didn't clear in First Attempt?
  • You have to pay again for your next attempt and either you drop out or keep paying till you pass!
  • You find it embarrassing to keep asking for fees from your parents

Hence, most of you are compelled to take a break from coaching after your first attempt! You opt for self-study and rely on free videos from the internet. You are not sure, if the video covers all the amendments is updated as per the latest syllabus. But, still you spend time and make efforts to prepare for the exams. This again poses some more problems like

  • No handholding for exam preparation
  • No doubts solving and hence skip difficult topics
  • No mock exam preparation as per the latest syllabus and no feedback for the same

In short no academic support.

Resigned to fate, you try time tested method of appearing multiple times and clear one subject/ group at a time praying that the next exam will be easier and not have many questions on the difficult topics you skipped. This is time consuming and frustrating but you keep trying since you've no choice. And as it happens with many other students, after 3-4 attempts, you probably drop out midway! This unfortunately puts an end to your dreams!

NOW NO MORE, putting premature end to your Dreams! We salute your grit and determination to realise your dreams we have come up with an irresistible offer

'Why pay fees again, Get Unlimited Coaching Till you Pass!'

The Pioneer and leader of Online Coaching in the country - GOLS Online Coaching has come out with highly students’ friendly concept of availing coaching till you pass with just one upfront payment! With this you also get our award winning Te@chBest® Education Methodology with high quality academic support and hand holding till you pass! In fact, we are confident that like many of our students and thanks to TeachBest and World’s first – KnowYourExamPreparenessTM, you might as well pass in the FIRST ATTEMPT.

Passed in First Attempt? Take next Course attempt FREE!

And if you pass in the FIRST ATTEMPT, HEARTY CONGRATULATIONS! We shall give you free access along with entire Academic Support for (next) course/(next)group/ (next)subject (depending on which you pass in First Attempt) for your next eligible exam!

For example: If you register for Foundation all subjects and pass the same then you will get access to intermediate all subjects for Next Eligible Exam Attempt year. Or if you register for intermediate any one Module/Group and pass the same then we will give you access for the next module/Group and if you have already cleared other Module/Group of intermediate then we will give you access to Next level (Final) any one module/Group for 1 year.

We are glad to announce a limited period scholarship to students “Why pay fees again, Get Unlimited Coaching Till you Pass!! ” in which you have to pay One time coaching fees and get the coaching till you have passed the subject /module / Group/ all subjects, or whatever coaching you have paid for with GOLS.

So what are you waiting for fill this small form and let our Academic Counselors call you. Say good bye to worries about course validity.

Terms and Conditions
  1. The above Offer valid for only for FIRST 100 students in each level i.e. Foundation, Executive and Professional. If more students show their interest, their names would be kept in waiting list and would be granted admission if any student who is registered for the scheme fails to make payment.
  2. Students interested to avail this offer should to fill this form
  3. Those students who have filled in the above form would be called by our Academic Counselor to verify details on their Level (Foundation, Executive, and Professional) and the subjects / groups of their interest. A last date would be given to the student to enroll, failing which their seat will be offered to other students in the waiting list.
  4. Post results, students need to send their mark sheets showing the subjects cleared and not cleared. Course access for all subjects/groups/Course that are cleared would be stopped and it would be kept open for other subjects/group not cleared or appeared. The same procedure would be followed for the subsequent exams
  5. A student needs to attempt at least 1 exam per year to be eligible to continue their course access. If a student does not appear for 2 consecutive exams, the course access would be automatically stopped without any notice. The final date to communicate us about your exam status would be till your Result day. All communication will be considered via email and not on Telephone. In no ground (Technical, Non-technical, Medical) Institute will grant extension, if found student has not appeared for exam in 2 consecutive exam attempts.
  6. Students who clear their exams agree to give a testimonial (audio / video / email with photograph) and authorize GOLS to publish the same on their website, promotional campaigns, social media, etc.
  7. The above offer is strictly non-transferable. The course access will be strictly monitored by the GOLS to ensure; this is not used by any other student or for commercial purpose. If found such malpractice the course access will be stopped and legal action will be taken against the Student.
  8. Force Majeure Clause: IF Due to any reasons natural or manmade, GurukulOnline Learning Solutions (GOLS) Pvt Ltd. is unable to offer its services due to reasons beyond its control, there shall be no liability arising to GOLS. In such a situation GOLS shall not be liable for any damages, compensation, fees refund to students.
  9. In case of any dispute, decision of the management of GOLS Shall be final and binding on the student(s).
  10. Subject to Mumbai Jurisdiction.